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Rainforest - Squad Nights

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 26th SEPTEMBER 2011
Written & Produced by  Dmiriy Gorbunov
Written & Produced by  Dmiriy Gorbunov / Remixed by Jay Cappo
Written & Produced by  Dmiriy Gorbunov
Written & Produced by  Dmiriy Gorbunov / Remixed by Alexander Serebrennik
Written & Produced by  Dmiriy Gorbunov

We're proud to announce our next digital release. This time the person behind it is a guy whose music you had the opportunity to listen to last year on our Deep East EP Part 2. The guy in question represents the light side of the force of drum & bass, comes from the East and makes tunes under the moniker of Parhelia. Normally he goes by the name of Dmitriy Gorbunov, lives in Saint Petersburg and so far, he's been sticking to deep and spacious sounds - and the EP mentioned here is no exception to his style. "The Dragon EP" contains four tracks by Dimitriy, including two remixes - one by SND (Russia's Alexander Serebrennikov whom you might have got to know with our last Absys Digital release) and another by Stunna who rather doesn't need an introduction. ABSDIG004 is an EP that will take you on a deep d'n'b journey where you can encounter cosmic pads, keys and even some wind instruments. All this given in a thick sauce of fat bass.
But wait, there's more! Once again, we've got a gift for you - a bonus track by Parhelia. It's called 'Luminosity' and is full of mystery and atmosphere , sometimes even hitting the notes of progression and quality-wise, is on the same level as all the tracks from "The Dragon EP". Force !