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Sho - Phuture Beats Show - Bassdrive

Posted on April 29, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Here's Sho from Absys Records with his latest mix for KOS.MOS.MUSIC's Phuture Beats Show at Bassdrive.com. Expect a lot of fresh beats from our own imprint, but also from Blu Mar Ten Music, Horizons Music, Addiction Records Digital, and Celsius Recordings, with much of the featured stuff to be released on Absys and Celsius in the near future. Without further ado, click the link below and tune in to a comprehensive cross-section of drum & bass - the deep, the dark, the light, the atmospheric, and all other sorts of good d'n'b vibes.





Part 1

01. OWL & DYL - M97 [Absys]
02. Kontext / Dissident - Termite Mound [forth. Absys]
03. Dailiv - Boucan [forth. Absys]
04. Dailiv - Strain [forth. Absys]
05. HeadRead - Proximo [Absys]
06. Radicall - Safari [forth. Absys]
07. Radicall - Quantum (LM1 Remix) [Absys]
08. Airtek - Healing [Absys]
09. INVADHERTZ - Late Night Tales [Absys]

Part 2

10. SATL & Electrosoul System - Satless [forth. Absys]
11. Joakuim & MUKIYARE - Tempest [Celsius]
12. Radicall - Build Me Up [forth. Absys]
13. Blu Mar Ten - Delirium (feat Kite) [Blu Mar Ten Music]
14. Phase & Villem (Mute) - Uno [Horizons Music]
15. Harland - Everything [Addiction Records Digital]
16. Critical Event & Skeletone - Only You [Celsius]
17. Kolectiv & Mauoq - Let Me Know [forth. Celsius]
18. Radicall - Without A Word [forth. Absys]
19. Aeromatic - Kirke [dub]

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