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Dissident - Neon Circles (Ep) - Absys Records

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 10:00 AM

The 17th digital release in Absys’ catalogue is an EP brought to you by one of Russia’s finest. And this is to mean Saint Petersburg’s Stanislav Sevostyanikhin aka Dissident or Kontext. Given the fact that the artist has been recently busy working on his latest album called “Antrakt”, co-produced with Cyberworm and released on Kosmos Music, we’re really glad to welcome him back into our roster. And the result of this comeback is a wonderful EP called “Neon Circles”, offering you four amazing half-tempo 170-bpmish tracks, illustrating Dissident’s open-mindedness and penchant for experimentation. There’s the halfstepping, slow-paced, booming “Worship Galaxies”, setting the pace for what is there to follow. And what comes next is “Termite Mound” – another halfstepper, saturated with gentle yet captivating synthetic bits flowing with the melody of the smooth bassline. Then there’s a collab with Romania’s DYL, which bears fruit in the form of “3D Printed Human” – an exciting half-tempo piece, combining Dissident’s characteristic use of cosmic, otherworldly samplework with Dyl’s usual explorations of the deeper and darker side of electronic music. The EP ends with “The Knick Theme” – a steadily-stepping +/- 170-bpm creation featuring a memorable, dynamic and pulsating bassline and a selection of skillfully-crafted shots of synthetic sounds in the background. Welcome to Dissident’s world of extraterrestrial electronica!





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