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ABSCD002 / Strangers From Nowhere - CD Compilation

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Relax, focus, listen. Here at Absys Records we believe in substanceand space, in energy and in depth, in complexity as well as in soul. We're very proud indeed to be able to finally present you with our second compilation CD “ Strangers From Nowhere ”, on which an extraordinary collection of Artists have delivered a body of work that is as compelling as it is varied. Read more...


01.   Radicall & Ktee - Stranger (...)
02.   Dissident - Dropshadow diseases
03.   Getz & Nuage - Her dreams her fears
04.   Logarithmia - Alter states
05.   Sub - Major add 13
06.   Crix - Secrets
07.   Sonic Saturation - So deep that (..)
08.   ICR - Then just say hello
09.   Razor Point - Elevated
10.   Lm1 & The Square - Duststorm
11.   Radicall - Lunar sea


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