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Here we would like to show a diffrent way in our label. Beautifull works by artists who wants to deliver their new and original ideas of art creations. Paintwork, video and visual design, photography and interesting lifestyle everything in one pleace conected with music. Welcome in Absys Art Project.

Absys Records proudly presents first Absys Art release. 

FEEBEE | Magdalena Zięba

Born 5th May 1983 in Zamosc, Poland. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow with faculty of Interor  Design. Her favorite is watercolor technique and the traditional paper. She never created works on the computer but sometimes likes to give them the final figure by software edition. Feebee draws mainly characters, inspired by friends, everyday trivial's things, surrounding her, dressed in the new context. Magda had an individual exhibition of the works in Philo Cafe in Cracow and Tuba in Bilgoraj, she participated in a collective exhibition in the international comic book festival in Lodz, also she was invited to the piecesbook project  www.piecesbooks.com and Samsung Art Master. You will find more info about our first Absys Art artist  HERE or HERE and HERE. Enjoy.



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