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ABS12001 | Various Artists
12" VINYL with LM 1 / DISSIDENT / MR SIZEF                                
After two years of consistently pushing cutting edge fresh talent on CD as well as in tandem with a series of well-received free digital releases (all still available at http://www.absysrec.com/free.htm ) Absys Records are proud to present our very first vinyl release. Mastered to crisp perfection by LXC, this three-track vinyl continues to mine the deep, cutting edge atmospheric vein with an Eastern European twist that people have come to expect from us as a label, and with all the variety that has characterised our various CD compilation releases over the years.

LM1 delivers a star turn here with A-side "Sargasso", as expansive and borderless as the sea from which it takes it's name. Razor-sharp breakbeats, sub bass and dreamy pads all add up to a mature and considered slice of cutting edge Sci-Fi plastic. Deep enough for the bedroom but more than capable of working on a dancefloor this tune is certain to open a few doors for this hotly-tipped scottish producer.
Dissident 's offering "Scarecrow" is as idiosyncratic as any other tunes by this most accomplished of russian producers, building a furiously cerebral groove with little other than hats, clicks, drones, cavernously delayed chords before utterly improbably unleashing some utterly raucous amens out of nowhere! Pigeonhole this, we DARE you!
Rounding off the package is none other than Mr Sizef, who has had many an eye watching him since his previous work on Hospital's stellar "Future Sounds of Russia" collection. "Chocolate Evening, The Crimson Sea, Sweet Feeling, Only U" is as poetically expressive a collection of sounds as it's title would lead you to expect, it's deep pulsating halftime groove forms an undercarriage for all manner of crazily edited vocals and pads to swirl around, all combining to create a very special piece of music indeed.  
LM1 - Alan Cowie / Edinburgh, Scotland

Lm1 is the production name of Scottish based producer Allan Cowie.Based in Edinburgh,Scotland this recent drum and bass convert is making waves with this atmospheric ambient & trance influenced tunes. Lm1 has now had a string of releases on Dispatch,Cov-ops,Levitated,Golden orb and Binary Soul..With a 12 on Dispatch 34 now – and more on the way from Absys & Peer pressure theres no sign of let up starting his own imprint `Offworld Recordings`.Offworld,an exciting new project LM1 hopes will bring fresh exposure to the sound he loves. As one of Scotland’s fast-rising talents,he is garnering support from the likes of LTJ Bukem,Doc SCott,Ant TC1, Paradox & ASC.


DISSIDENT - Stanislav Sevostyanikhin / St.Petersburg, Russia

Dissident is the production name of Russian based Stanislav Sevostyanikhin. Residing in St.Petersburg at the Baltic sea shore, he spends most of his time slicing beats, synthesizing sounds and creating trends in modern music culture. He is influenced by very different kinds of music that allowed him to produce such diverse and truly innovative tunes. Although his forte is primarily drum&bass, Stan has never restricted his music to one particular style or genre. He started to produce electronic music in early 1998. After getting some experience he created his first drum&bass project called Dissonance (featuring his mates Aspekt, Nec and MC Akim). They had enough success in Russia, with many releases and performances. In 2001 he quit the project and went on to produce solo under the Dissident moniker. The sound that he had polished was ready to be taken onto the world scene and his first 12” release “Technecium” (made with Paul B) was on the famous British label Renegade Hardware in 2002.
Today Dissident’s discography includes three albums on TAM Records, a label he co-owns; several 12” on Subvert Central, Counter Intelligence, Subtle Audio, Fear Red, Camino Blue and others. Forthcoming material is scheduled for  a release on well known NYC imprint Offshore. Under the guise of Kontext, he set out to write music with no genre classifications. This has become a project to show the diversity and extent of Stan’s production skills and represent his experiments with glitches, spatial atmospherics, minimalism and that kind of things. This project is exclusively signed to Bristol-based label Immerse and plenty of new releases are expected in nearest future. With his fresh and catchy sound, Stan has toured as a DJ across Russia, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine and Latvia. If all this weren't enough to keep one busy, he also runs his own imprint Opposide and participates in well known in Russia scandal trashy hip-hop band “trash-chapiteau KACH”.


MR SIZEF - Anton Linnik / St.Petersburg, Russia

Anton Linnik began taking an interest in music aged just 7 years old and in 2006 began writing electronic music. What started as a hobby soon found a very important place in his life thanks in part to support from his good friend and musical collaborator Seva Unquote. The first exposure of Mr Sizef's music came from a well known Rusian radio DJ named Gvozd and from Stunna of the USA but more prominent artists and labels soon took note. 'Hours Have No Reverse Motion' with Unquote appeared on dBridge & Instra:mental's Autonomic Podcast and became an integral part of "The Future Sound Of Russia" compilation on Hospital Records. Releases on Alphacut, Warm Communications and other forward-thinking imprints followed.

Anton explains, "I try to tell certain romantic stories which develop and die away as the track develops, every note is a continuation of my thoughts and feelings!". This is music full of new ideas that does not adheres to the rules!