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Handra & Mystic State / Fre4knc Remix

Side Effects

12" Vinyl - 7th December 2018
Digital Download + Streaming - 7th December 2018






HANDRA is a producer duo created by Filip Zdrodowski and Marek Szpak, both from Bydgoszcz, currently living in Warsaw and Poznan / Poland. The idea of creating a joint musical project HANDRA was 'born naturally' as a product of shared passion, experience and time by the two devoted artists who have been a part of rave scene since second half of the 90s. Known from other musical and stage, music production and vocal projects, Marek and Filip found common ground with their musical paths. HANDRA Productions is a combination of technical drum&bass sounds with raw minimalist sounds, within a dark and even nostalgic convention. Since their debut in 2012 HANDRA released tracks for acclaimed drum’n’bass labels like Fokuz, IM:LTD, Avantgarde, Addictive Behaviour, Blendits, Counterpoint or Absys.

Mystic State

Will Marquiss & Michael Holliday are a production duo from South West England, 
delving into the deep end of electronic music, primarily Drum & Bass.