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It’s high time for ABSDIG002, it’s also time to once more support the fresh and the original. Here’s Queensway – a young and talented producer from Ukraine – and his “The Sixth Race EP”. Probably not many of you have heard of him, but we do hope that the number of those who actually know the guy and his music grows fast and that the EP we present here earns him a well-deserved acclaim – and listen good – it’s a really good listen.

To continue, despite the small number of tracks, Queensway still manages to bring to light his diverse producer skills; we’ve got some elements of trip-hop (“My kitty song”), there’s also quite a diversification in terms of d’n’b alone – from halfstep (“Itzdea”) to some more typical and regular – though by no means simple – stuff (“Sixth race” and “Within each of us”). The ingredients that hold the EP together are warm and clear basslines, pleasant – yet not at all tacky or cheesy – melodies, as well as some intricate and exciting beats.

There’s something going on at each frequency, so there’s no emptiness, boredom, nor monotony – each track is living its own life and has got a unique personality, if one may say so. Still, their common roots are easily audible and its 100% Queensway and Absys Records. To sum up, anyone who enjoys music packed with positive emotions and full of diversity should definitely give a listen to what we’re talking about right here. From Absys to you.  


Queensway - Sixth Race | FREE 128kbps MP3 DOWNLOAD