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6th FEBUARY 2012
01. Antibreak - Another Life
Written & Produced by  Zachary Ronstadt

02. Antibreak - Horizons
Written & Produced by  Zachary Ronstadt

03. Antibreak - Talisman
Written & Produced by  Zachary Ronstadt

04. Antibreak - Prepare For Flight
Written & Produced by  Zachary Ronstadt

What is progress ?

Among others, it’s what you get on the newest EP from Absys by the one and only Antibreak. The man behind such tunes as ‘Progression 9’ or ‘Travelling Gnome’ and the amazing album ‘Eleven Shades of Night’, this time takes his producer workshop even further and delivers futuristic and complex vibes from the borderline between drum & bass and dubstep. Taste the new face of deep, atmospheric d’n’b by the recipe of the master himself and submerge into the depths of purring basslines and shattering beats. This time the pace slows down, but the dynamism remains alive and vibrant, associated by mesmerizing backgrounds, full of subtle details. So, grab your ‘Talisman’, look straight into the surrounding ‘Horizons’ and ‘Prepare for Flight’ in the direction of ‘Another Life’ along with your guide, Antibreak himself on the board of Absys plane.