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Owl & ILL K & Dyl
Infinite Vision of Space
29th January 2016 

We’re back with our next digital release – a superb EP entitled ‘Infinite Vision of Space’, brought to you by Dyl, ILL_K, and OWL. Sit back and sink into the Absys, err… abyss of murky, hypnotizing backgrounds, ultra-low basslines, haunting drums, and an array of details forming whole chains of intriguing melodies. The EP starts out with sparse, ambient-fulled, halftempo ‘M97’ (the name is also quite telling – look it up in Google), and offers an excellent start for a long cosmic trip. The title track takes on the theme of dub a bit further, serving you a fantastic combination of an exotic theme and contemporary IDM-ish electronica. ‘Swing Water’ seems like a continuation of the ‘oriental-themed’ ride, painting images of a sonic Bedouin caravan. The story ends with ‘Lake Of Consciousness’ – a quick-paced modern-day drum & bass excursion for all those into crisp beats and minimalism. All in all, this EP is an absolutely great addition to our discography – and hopefully to your collection as well.
Belgium-based OWL is known for tunes in the fields of spacial, autonomic, ambient sounds. His fresh and friendly production style pleases through a clear and well-balanced sound design, deep basses and driving beats often paires with a precise and glitchy percussive work. Signed on Nord Label, Absys Records, Alphacut, Modulate... his music is like a numinous owl flight in a spatial forest, leading it's paths to progressive, deep cosmic ecstasy.

ILL_K is a producer and DJ from Bremen (North Germany), dedicated to genre like Dnb, Dub, Jungle and more with releases on label as (Nord Label, Alphacut, DSCI4, Moniker Eggplant, Paradise Lost, Foundation Audio and more. His versatile productions and Dj-sets range from deep, dark and minimal to heavy and noizy sounds.
Dyl is a Romania based experimental producer with releases on such labels as Rawganics, Nord Label, Dubkraft Records, Syncopathic Recordings, Urban Poetry, Moniker Eggplant, Turbine Music and many more. He has very quickly carved out his own unique sound which can be heard in mixes and sets of some of the most fore-front players in the scene. Great things to come from this young producer. 
O R D E R  or  S T R E A M
Written, arranged and produced Track 1 by  Pierre Myosis & Eduard Costea  / Track 2 by Pierre Myosis & Klaas Mahnke & Eduard Costea / Track 3 by Pierre Myosis & Klaas Mahnke / Track 4 by Pierre Myosis & Klaas Mahnke & Eduard Costea
Mastered by Water Drips / Design & Layout by Jakub Kotylak / Distributed by Triple Vision
Published by Absys Music / Release words by asx