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Hatti Vatti Remix
a single available on
MP3 / WAV / FLAC / AIF download, streaming format
from June 7th, 2022

It’s been a while since we last had an all-Polish collaboration as part of a single release, but here we are! And what a collab it is! We’re bringing to you two of our long-time favourites – Mateusz Dudziński aka SNIK and Piotr Kaliński aka Hatti Vatti. The occasion? Well, we don’t want to spoil too much but there some fresh stuff by SNIK on the horizon, and to shake things up a bit, we decided to release Hatti Vatti’s remix of SNIK’s track that will be available as part of something bigger in some time first. The track is called “Absence”, but the title is actually a lie – you’ll find no absence of solid jungle vibes, riveting synth samples, dubby basslines, and classic vocal bits spread across the entire track. Think autonomic blended with modern-day jungle and you’ll get the idea.

And to spice it up even more, the release comes in digital format AND in the form of a limited single-sided vinyl record (300 copies available). But that’s not all there is to come, so watch this space.


The man behind the alias is Mateusz Dudzinski. A DJ, who made his official debut behind the decks in 2009 at Sound Screen Festival in Bydgoscz, and an electronic music producer with over 10 years of studio experience. The music he produces and the live performances he gives always treat the listeners to deep and spacious sounds and a range of unconventional tones, offering a mood and experience enjoyable not only to electronic music connoisseurs. His works have been released on such labels as: Apparition RecordingsSlime RecordingsQuebolarecordsBlack Crane Records, and Omni MusicHe has written music for many cultural events, including: an experimental concert entitled Child of Classic And Dubstep, a performance entitled ENIGMATIC, a series of improvised plays by a theater group named wymyWammy, a project titled "A Word for the City", and a range of movies: "The Mystery of Revenge", "Syndrome", and "Press Start". His other music-related achievements so far include performing at such renowned festivals as e.g. Audioriver (Independent Market Stage), Dub Sound Camp or Festival Regalowisko.

Hatti Vatti 's sound has previously flowed seamlessly between deep electronica and a minimal, 170-Autonomic sound. Vinyl releases for Mindset, Absys and New Moon, remixes by Andy Stott, Indigo, Phaeleh and ASC have marked this Polish producer apart for his cinematic take on bass-driven electronic music. He's also 1/2 of polish super-group HV/NOON. His debut album – „Worship Nothing” – sees Hatti Vatti's artistic journey culminate into a single, coherent vision – a vision that is simultaneously spacious and deeply intimate. A futuristic sheen of 80's nostalgia penetrates much of „Worship Nothing”, even within the familiar restrained dub of „Struggle" and „Wonderful World". The organic synths remain In „Treasure" and „72 Dub", though the rhythms become decidedly more manic, hinting towards the feverish feel of footwork while remaining decidedly introspective. Floating, haunted vocals pervade the half-step of „Tokyo" a shimmering collaboration with Manchester producer Synkro. Also hovering around the minimal 170bpm sound are „Synthesis", „1ne” and „Black Flowers". Slowing down to a garage-tinted swing – „Nights"... Throughout „Worship Nothing", Hatti Vatti has created an atmosphere that draws the listener deep into his own world of beautifully crafted beats, ambient textures, and sub-bass frequencies. In 2014 & 2015, with the promotion of his latest album „Worship Nothing", Hatti Vatti performed 60 concerts in 9 countries (Europe and Japan), including major Mid-European festivals: Open'er, Audioriver and OFF.


All tracks written, arranged and produced by Mateusz Dudzinski
Remixed by Piotr Kalinski

Graphic design by Jakub Kotylak
Distributed by Triple Vision Record Distribution
Release words by Adrian Sikora
Photos and videoMastered by Marcin Kwazar
A&R by Pawel Sho

Dublin, Ireland