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ABSFREE003 | Metro & CJ Weaver                    

DOA Thread

                                     All tracks mastered by Radicall. Artwork by Sho

      01. CJ Weaver - Nebula
      02. CJ Weaver - Parachute Flutes
      03. CJ Weaver - Where The Hell Am I
      04. Metro - 3D Musik Boks
      05. Metro - Because
      06. Metro - Space Sound Everywhere

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    Welcome to Absys Recordings latest free digital release. After the phenomenal success of the last free release by Ultracode, and the widespread acclaim for the subsequent "Strangers From Nowhere" compilation we felt it was high time we delivered another installment of our series of free digital releases.
ABSFREE003 is a 6 track download showcasing the combined (and prodigious) talents of two producers we fully expect to hear great things from in the year ahead. From the glacial depths and skittery filtered percussion of CJ Weaver's "Nebula", the smacked-out funk of his "Parachute Flutes" and the paranoid desolation of "Where The Hell Am I" it's clear that this Springfield VA based producer has the chops to deliver serious variety within the deep considered furrow he's beginning to forge as a musician.
With future releases slated for imprints like Alphacut, Tech:Noir and Buried Audio and support for his tunes coming from noted DJ's like Gremlinz, Loxy, Hydro and Morphy you can rest assured this won't be the last you'll be hearing from him. The second half of the free release comes from Modern Urban Jazz acolyte METRO, who delivers the excellent spraycan-sampling "3D Musik Boks", before mixing deep Atmospherics with traces of a bleaker more Industrial timbre to great effect in "Because".
Rounding off the third free Absys release, "Space Sound Everywhere" is a shuffling electronic groove with synthetic microfunk glitchiness underpinning soaring, chiming pads, vocodered vocals and Electro bass sounds (and we're not talking no Skinny Jeans and Trucker Caps electro either). Metro has already found himself featured on the Hospital podcast and on Nerm's Electro East BBC asian network show, so you're pretty much guaranteed to hear a lot more of him before too long, and a bevy of tasty releases lined up for the likes of Modern Urban Jazz, Amen Brothers and Touched By Records should definitely prove us right on that one. Big up to CJ WEAVER and METRO - welcome to the Absys Family.

Executive Steve

ABSFREE003 - Metro & CJ Weaver - Space Sound Everywhere by Absys Records is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.