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     ABSFREE005 | Amhain EP

        DOA THREAD


01. Gon - 6
Gookey - Magnetosphere
03. Mecca - The power of one
04. Ricky Force - Dreams




Since Absys records is based in Dublin city we decided that for this release we wanted to do something special and shine a spotlight on some of the new wave of Irish production talent. Since three of the producers on this release are Irish (and the fourth is based in Ireland), and since we have every intention of doing more of these releases in the future, we decided the christen the project as the Amháin series, after the Irish word for "One", in the sense of unity of purpose and of in the sense of something being unique. We always like to think that there's no point in giving away music for free unless it's good enough to pay for, and we certainly hope you agree with us when you say that these four tunes combine to make a very special release indeed.

Ricky Force kicks off proceedings anyway with a glimpse of a more laid-back side to the frenetic New School Junglism and J-Tek that he has mostly become known for; "Dreams" is a tasty arrangement of rolling drums, warm subs and lush pads with shards and splinters of spoken film dialogue that adds to it's otherworldly charm.

Mecca is a Limerick-based producer who has previously released on Subtle Audio Digital; his track "The Power Of One" is a phenomenally assured composition, kicking off with a halftime intro and some Detroit-esque stabs before plunging into an absolutely bruising percussive workout, before some shimmering atmospherics lower the temperature and cool things down a notch or two. You may not have heard of Mecca before but on the basis of this tune alone I can absolutely guarantee you that you will be hearing a lot more of him soon. Anyone who digs stripped down Techno sounds but appreciates broken beats and chesty basslines will be scratching their heads as to how on earth they managed to score this tune off a free digital release. Dangerous!

Gon is an Dublin-based Italian producer who will be most familiar to Irish heads as the chap behind the counter at the late and much lamented record shop Freebird in Temple Bar, as well as his incendiary Dubstep, UK Funky and Garage sets in venues around the capital. A versatile producer across several genres, his contribution to this release comes in the form of a deep sci-fi tinged Dubstep workout with a strong sense of melodic progression.

Gookey is another one of the most promising of the new wave of Irish production heads; usually known for his modern twist of the original atmospheric sound palette this release (his first ever) finds him rolling out a more urgent, brooding stripped down affair, with razor sharp edits flowing effortlessly over an ominous bassline, one for the DJ's who like to keep it deep and rhythmical.

So there we have it: four tracks, three Irish and one Irish-based producers, one FREE digital EP mastered to perfection by Macc of Subvert Central Mastering, hours of listening pleasure. Feel free to download, blog, share the links around and play these out as loud as you possibly can; all we ask is that if you share the link you link the release page and not straight to the actual files. Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy this music as much as we have enjoyed getting it out to you.

Ceol Amháin! Many styles, one music!

RELEASE TEXT : Executive Steve
MASTERING : Macc (Subvert Central)


 ABSFREE005 | Various Artists - Amhain EP by Absys Records is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.