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"Ordinary Inspirations"
10 track album available in
MP3 / WAV / FLAC / AIF download, streaming format
and as exclusive 4 gb wood made USB stick with music and bonus items
from April 10th 2019

Continuously and consistently committed to promoting fresh talent, we’re bringing to you our next release, which is a 10-track album by SNIK – a young DJ and producer hailing from Bydgoszcz, Poland. And as this release marks our 8th limited item in our catalogue, we’d like to treat you to something quite special. The album will be downloadable and streamable, but there will also be 100 copies on a 4g USB stick, which will include both wav and mp3 versions and some bonus stuff. And as for the album itself, while its title – “Ordinary Inspirations” – can appear to be quite innocent, the content is anything but inconspicuous. Covering a wide range of tempos and moods, SNIK delivers a truly superb collage of tasty beats, ear-pleasing bass lines, colorful backgrounds, and a whole spectrum of intriguing sample work. With a focus on the deeper side of contemporary electronic music, paying a fine tribute to the rather less dancefloor-oriented face of it, the album draws the listener in with each next track. A perfect balance between the darker shades and the lighter hues of modern electronics. An exciting audio adventure – provided that you’re not afraid of an introspective journey, which is what the featured music is bound to offer you. Drawing on themes that sound somewhat familiar (ah, the ‘autonomic’ era…) and served in a pleasantly refreshing form, “Ordinary Inspirations” combines quieter moments (“Free Falling”, “Colour and Light”) alternating gracefully with more emotional (“Spark”, “If”) and more expressive (“Running to Stay in Place”, “Any Moment”) bits, providing a really stimulating and unique listening experience. 

The man behind the alias is Mateusz Dudzinski. A DJ, who made his official debut behind the decks in 2009 at Sound Screen Festival in Bydgoscz, and an electronic music producer with over 10 years of studio experience. The music he produces and the live performances he gives always treat the listeners to deep and spacious sounds and a range of unconventional tones, offering a mood and experience enjoyable not only to electronic music connoisseurs. His works have been released on such labels as: Apparition Recordings, Slime Recordings, Quebolarecords, Black Crane Records, and Omni MusicHe has written music for many cultural events, including: an experimental concert entitled Child of Classic And Dubstep, a performance entitled ENIGMATIC, a series of improvised plays by a theater group named wymyWammy, a project titled "A Word for the City", and a range of movies: "The Mystery of Revenge", "Syndrome", and "Press Start". His other music-related achievements so far include performing at such renowned festivals as e.g. Audioriver (Independent Market Stage), Dub Sound Camp or Festival Regalowisko.


All tracks written, arranged and produced by Mateusz Dudzinski

Graphic design by Jakub Kotylak
Distributed by Triple Vision Record Distribution
Release words by Adrian Sikora
Photos and video by Julia Libera
A&R by Pawel Sho
Dublin, Ireland