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Pluton, Skyer feat Grimm and Dynamite Mc

Posted on November 23, 2017 at 5:55 PM
As you probably know by now, we’re keen on promoting both bigger and smaller names alike. And our latest digital release, 19th in the catalogue (time flies, doesn’t it?), is themed with some new blood. The recent addition to our digital portfolio comes from a young producer duo from Ukraine – Pluton & Skyer. They have been making music for some time now (releasing, among others, on Cymbalism Recordings, Hospital Records, Influenza Media, Viper Recordings, Kos.Mos.Music), and familiar with their talent, we’re honoured to have them release their newest EP entitled “Lead Me On” via our label. The four-track compilation is an exciting mixture of a few different shades of drum & bass, ranging from the deeper, more subtle and atmospheric, vocal-infused “Lead Me On” (feat. Grimm), through the rolling and broken-beated “Screen Out Of Nowhere” or the upbeat, synth-laden “Run Free” (with an excellent vocal contribution by the legendary Dynamite MC), ending with the dancefloor-oriented, powerful “Automatic Forms” characterized by rich percussion sounds and an overwhelming bassline. We’re sure that this EP is something to please both those who’re after something sharper and those looking for something rather gentler. Top quality stuff, delivered in the form of a captivating cross-sectional four-tracker.


Absys Records at Wigwam, Dublin

Posted on November 11, 2017 at 9:05 AM

Aaaand we’re back on stage and behind the decks! As you may (hopefully) remember, we had the pleasure to host the one and only London Elektricity in the legendary The Twisted Pepper on 21 November 2014. What a night it was! And now, after three years, we’re back to the same place. Well, the emperor has got some new clothes (a small riddle for all those into drum & bass for some longer time), now bearing the name of Wigwam, but the memories we left in the location will certainly come alive when we hit the floor on Saturday, 11 November. And we’re sure that the forthcoming night will make its mark in the clubbing history of the city of Dublin. Why so? Well, the answer is Zero T, Beta 2 and Detboi. With an amazing all Metalheadz line-up like this booked for the night, combined with our own support, you can be sure that the event is going to be one heck of a comeback. See you at Wigwam soon.

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22:30 - 23:15 - MK2 (Springfield Crew Massive)
23:15 - 00:00 - SHO (Absys Records)
00:00 - 01:00 - DETBOI (Metalheadz)
01:00 - 02:00 - ZERO T (Metalheadz)
02:00 - 03:00 - BETA 2 (Metalheadz)


Visuals & Video by Animatch

Radicall - Without A Word

Posted on September 13, 2017 at 2:55 PM

Our digital catalogue turns 18! Yay! And the eighteenth release comes from one of our regulars – a man who’s managed to escape pigeonholing while being able to maintain and push a very distinct sound and develop his music production skills to a great extent in the recent 10 years spent in the studio. A man whose music is often referred to as – simply speaking – proper drum and bass. And we’re talking about Poland’s Krzysztof Goliński aka Radicall, who delivers an EP entitled “Without a Word”. The 4-track compilation is yet another illustration of his faithfulness to the roots of the genre, but also showcases his further progress as a producer. You just know it’s Radicall when you listen to “Without a Word” with its regular beat pattern, clear, fruity bassline, and vocal-infused background. “Glass Heart”, featuring Lting, stuns the listener with its dynamic percussion programming, while “No One” balances gracefully on the verge of ‘atmo’ and ‘deep’. The EP closes with “Safari” – a half-stepping / semi-syncopated track with an overwhelming bassline, bound to make you nod your head. If you’re looking for no-nonsense drum & bass with a clear structure, rich use of catchy vocal bits, and a hint of upbeat melodiousness well-balanced with a solid portion of deeper sound, Radicall’s music is exactly what you want to listen to.

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12" Vinyl Single with Electrosoul System & Satl + Invadhertz is Out Now!

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 10:15 AM
Here it is! Some brand-new wax for your listening pleasure! The days are becoming longer, spring is just around the corner, and our latest release appears to perfectly embody the spirit of something new, something fresh, and something exciting. Indeed, we’ve combined all this into a single 12” featuring the likes of Electrosoul System & Satl and Invadhertz. The release is all about good mood and chilled vibes, and virtually anything you can tag with the ‘liquid’ label (if you really need to). But categories aside, our new twelve incher comes with a superb collab between Electrosoul System and Satl on one side, and with a solid track by the upcoming collective of Invadhertz on the flipside. The former, entitled “Satless”, is a warm, vocal-infused gentle roller that seems to be best enjoyed in the sunny days to come, while the latter, named “Lily”, offers a nice combination of a bit rougher percussion section and booming bassline enriched with even more of vocal inserts. All in all, the whole single is a tasty treat for all those into the lighter side of drum & bass.



Standard Shipping (Packet-Not-Registered) via Irish Post per one vinyl
Europe - €6.50 - Packet - Weight not over: 500g
Ireland - €5.25 - Packet - Weight not over: 500g
World - €6.50 - Packet - Weight not over: 500g 




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Dissident - Neon Circles (Ep) - Absys Records

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 10:00 AM

The 17th digital release in Absys’ catalogue is an EP brought to you by one of Russia’s finest. And this is to mean Saint Petersburg’s Stanislav Sevostyanikhin aka Dissident or Kontext. Given the fact that the artist has been recently busy working on his latest album called “Antrakt”, co-produced with Cyberworm and released on Kosmos Music, we’re really glad to welcome him back into our roster. And the result of this comeback is a wonderful EP called “Neon Circles”, offering you four amazing half-tempo 170-bpmish tracks, illustrating Dissident’s open-mindedness and penchant for experimentation. There’s the halfstepping, slow-paced, booming “Worship Galaxies”, setting the pace for what is there to follow. And what comes next is “Termite Mound” – another halfstepper, saturated with gentle yet captivating synthetic bits flowing with the melody of the smooth bassline. Then there’s a collab with Romania’s DYL, which bears fruit in the form of “3D Printed Human” – an exciting half-tempo piece, combining Dissident’s characteristic use of cosmic, otherworldly samplework with Dyl’s usual explorations of the deeper and darker side of electronic music. The EP ends with “The Knick Theme” – a steadily-stepping +/- 170-bpm creation featuring a memorable, dynamic and pulsating bassline and a selection of skillfully-crafted shots of synthetic sounds in the background. Welcome to Dissident’s world of extraterrestrial electronica!





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Dailiv - Annoying Fear (Ep) - Absys Records

Posted on May 8, 2017 at 4:15 PM

The digital catalogue of Absys Records becomes extended by yet another amazing release. Our new addition is an Ep entitled “Annoying Fear”, brought to you straight from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The man behind it is an upcoming producer named Ilich Davidenko also known as Dailiv. Chances are you’ve heard his music in mixes by Droax or Red Army, but his musical and personal background seems to be still just as mysterious as the Ep itself. “Annoying Fear” opens with a track entitled “Cult” – a dark and brooding light-drummed half-stepper infused heavily with tribal and oriental influences. The story continues with “Annoying Fear”, which lends its name to the title of the Ep; this is where you’ll notice a much stronger focus on percussion programming, the effect of which is a punchy, dynamic drum-line, accompanied by a booming and growling bassline. Next stop is the dark and deadly “Boucan”; this is most likely what a drum & bass battle anthem of the Horde from the World of Warcraft would sound like – if they had one. The Ep closes with “Strain” – a heavily-synthesized regularly-rhythmed stepper abounding with intriguing details looming out of every single layer. A must-listen for all those into the deeper and darker side of contemporary drum & bass.





Sho - Phuture Beats Show - Bassdrive

Posted on April 29, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Here's Sho from Absys Records with his latest mix for KOS.MOS.MUSIC's Phuture Beats Show at Bassdrive.com. Expect a lot of fresh beats from our own imprint, but also from Blu Mar Ten Music, Horizons Music, Addiction Records Digital, and Celsius Recordings, with much of the featured stuff to be released on Absys and Celsius in the near future. Without further ado, click the link below and tune in to a comprehensive cross-section of drum & bass - the deep, the dark, the light, the atmospheric, and all other sorts of good d'n'b vibes.





Part 1

01. OWL & DYL - M97 [Absys]
02. Kontext / Dissident - Termite Mound [forth. Absys]
03. Dailiv - Boucan [forth. Absys]
04. Dailiv - Strain [forth. Absys]
05. HeadRead - Proximo [Absys]
06. Radicall - Safari [forth. Absys]
07. Radicall - Quantum (LM1 Remix) [Absys]
08. Airtek - Healing [Absys]
09. INVADHERTZ - Late Night Tales [Absys]

Part 2

10. SATL & Electrosoul System - Satless [forth. Absys]
11. Joakuim & MUKIYARE - Tempest [Celsius]
12. Radicall - Build Me Up [forth. Absys]
13. Blu Mar Ten - Delirium (feat Kite) [Blu Mar Ten Music]
14. Phase & Villem (Mute) - Uno [Horizons Music]
15. Harland - Everything [Addiction Records Digital]
16. Critical Event & Skeletone - Only You [Celsius]
17. Kolectiv & Mauoq - Let Me Know [forth. Celsius]
18. Radicall - Without A Word [forth. Absys]
19. Aeromatic - Kirke [dub]

Invadhertz - Night Tales (Ep) is Out Now!

Posted on April 5, 2017 at 2:30 PM
Our digital saga continues, following with some fresh sounds delivered to you by the gifted producer due of Invadhertz from Italy. Their new Ep entitled “Night Tales” is surely a thing not to be slept on, despite its name. The 4-track compilation focuses on the softer, more liquid side of drum & bass, treating your ears with warm basslines and smooth percussion programming, with tracks like the sweet-vibed “Alone”, the mellow, rolling “Late Night Tales”, or the vocal-infused, broken-beated and deep-bassed “Let Me Fall” ready to take you on an absolutely pleasant sonic ride. But expect to be served also something a bit rougher if you press play on the growling, mysterious “Boreal”. All in all, you can say that the guys deliver something truly al dente – something not too soft, not too hard, and not sweet or too spicy; something just right to suit a variety of tastes, without reaching for extreme opposites


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Absys Records, Monochrome, Kompas Audio w Inq!

Posted on March 11, 2017 at 3:45 PM

Jungle Noir to katowicki cykl imprez, którego motywem przewodnim jest głębsza i mroczniejsza odmiana drum & bassu. A że w katalogu Absys Records takich release’ów nie brakuje, nie powinien dziwić fakt, że Sho, założyciel i szef wytwórni, został zaproszony na czwartą edycję tego cyklu, by w towarzystwie Yankowsky’ego z Monochrome Recordings, Lunatic'a z Kompas Audio i mocnej reprezentacji lokalnej uświetnić tę noc swoim występem, prezentując ciemniejszą stronę drum & bassowej mocy. W miksie można będzie usłyszeć na pewno sporo klasyki gatunku, ale też i z pewnością wiele świeżych produkcji, które dopiero co zostaną wydane. Słowem – wszystko, co najlepsze z przeszłości, teraźniejszości i nieodległej przyszłości. A to wszystko już niebawem 18 marca w Katowicach, w klubie INQbator. Siła!

Dołącz na fejsie


22:00 - Yak

23:30 - Lunatic

01:00 - Sho

02:30 - yankowsky

04:00 - Kuaq



Jungle Noir is a Katowice-based series of events with the main theme centred on the deeper and the darker side of drum & bass. And since Absys Records’ catalogue does feature stuff that easily matches the aforesaid description, it should come as no surprise that Sho, the label’s founder and head honcho, has been invited to take part in the fourth edition of the series, to bless the night with his performance focusing on the darker side of the drum & bass force. He’ll be sharing the stage with Yankowsky from Monochrome Recordsings, Lunatic from Kompas Audio, and a strong local support, reaching for some evergreen classics, but also showcasing some forthcoming goodness. The idea is to draw equally from the past, the present, and the future to deliver a top listening experience. And all of this is to take place on 18 March in Katowice in INQbator. Siła!

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Notes On Rave In Dublin

Posted on March 9, 2017 at 9:40 AM
While the UK undoubtedly dominated the scene of electronic music of the late 1980s and early 1990s, it appears that Ireland has a story to tell as well – one that centres on Dublin. A young Irish director and activist, James Redmond, has decided to make Dublin’s mark more felt on the general clubbing map by offering an insight into the city’s early days with first bigger raves and electronic music events. The result of his project is a documentary produced by DCTV and Rabble magazine, entitled Notes on Rave in Dublin. It’s “a narrative of a generation”, as he puts it, taking the viewers on a tour through places like Flikkers, The Mansion House, The Asylum, and The Funnel in the company of various music styles that have come and go, from the 1980s to the early 2000s. And we at Absys are really proud to be a part of Ireland’s electronic music scene of today, encouraging you to take a trip down the memory lane to appreciate not only the present, but also the past that paved the way for us to get where we’re at today. You can check out the documentary’s trailer on YouTube, and you can learn more about the project by visiting a dedicated website: notesonrave.ie

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Airtek - To The Sky EP is OUT NOW!

Posted on February 22, 2017 at 12:50 PM

It’s high time we deliver some fresh digital goodness, isn’t it? And what better way to do it than by promoting some fresh talent, right? So without further ado, here’s James Thomas aka Airtek and his latest EP entitled “To The Sky”, brought to you by Absys Digital. Airtek is known for his penchant for the softer side of drum & bass, maintaining a healthy balance between the contemporary atmo-d’n’b (think Offworld Recordings and you’ll get the idea) and the ever-expanding body of 170 bpm music you’d usually classify as ‘deep’. His contribution to Absys’ catalogue is no different, inviting you to an exciting short trip into the world of warm basslines, smooth beats, inspiring melodies, and intriguing sample work. Each track breathes its own life, and each delivers a different shade of the more upbeat side of drum & bass, which makes the EP very consistent and exciting from start to finish. A real treat for all those longing for positive vibes with a hint of sentimental overtone.





Etherwood at Turks Head - Dublin

Posted on February 9, 2017 at 5:25 AM

Attention all drum and bass, techno and house, rap, funk heads from Dublin and vicinities! Yeah, we know it’s quite a mixed lot we’re calling out to, but the occasion is no doubt special. On Friday, February 10th, 2017 we’ll be joining forces with Springfield Massive Crew and The Energy Collective at Turks Head to host a very special event featuring Med School’s superstar - Etherwood supported by a number of local DJs and MCs. Expect a diverse night full of top-class sound and visuals, so you can take it for granted that there’s going to be a lot going on. Nothing but positive vibes and great entertainment to feed your ears and eyes to.

More info


Drink Specials at Turks Head

Bulmers Pear & Lemon - €4.50

Zacony Dash - €6.00

Vodka Dash - €6.00

Tuborg - €4.00

Zelta - €4.50


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Absys Records debut shows in Czech Republic

Posted on January 24, 2017 at 6:15 AM

Absys Records is proud to welcome all fans and friends who are based in Czech Republic, people who mostly live in Prague and Kolin. We are comming to visit your beautiful country and perform two shows. First one on Friday, January 27th at legendary Storm Club and second one in Kolin at Bar Pod Hodinama on Saturday,January 28th. This all happening because of Ireland based promoters Springfield Crew Massive. More details and full line ups below:

Friday - 27th January 2017

Stage 1 - Drum And Bass / Jump Up

DJ GUV (Dubz Audio) UK







Stage 2 - Drum And Bass / Jungle - SCM Ireland Takeover

JULA (Springfield Crew Massive) b2b DOUBLE SCREEN (Energy Collective)

SKRY (Mool Crew) b2b VOTRES (Mool Crew)

CHEM (Springfield Crew Massive)

SHO (Absys Records) - 3 AM - DJ SET

MADKILLA (Springfield Crew Massive)


Saturday - 28th January 2017
Drum and bass vs. Techno, Tekno

19:00 - Dj Chem (CZ) - Uk Garage - Springfield Crew Massive Cz

20:00 - Votres b2b Shubby (CZ) - Breaks - Mool Crew b2b Drumtekk

21:00 - Avzeb (CZ) - Techno - Mool Crew

22:00 - Sho (PL) - Drum And Bass - Absys Records

23:00 - Madkilla (LT) - Jungle - Springfield Crew Massive Irl

24:00 - Double Screen (IRL) - Drum And Bass - Energy Collective

1:00 - Luke Psyco (SK) - Drum And Bass - Springfield Crew Massive Irl

2:00 - Jula SCM (CZ) - Tekno - Springfield Crew Massive Irl

3:00 - Skry (CZ) - Tekno - Mool Crew

Podcast Mix 11 by Kali Avaaz

Posted on January 5, 2017 at 10:25 PM

The sound of Kali Avaaz stands for many as a symbol of modern variety in Germany and beyond. Living in Leipzig, djing since 2006, she bridges intuitively the gaps between various electronic genres and her sets are always delicate journeys between 120 and 170 BPM. Kali Avaaz last appearance in her hometown was playing as support for Shackleton at Conne Island Weekender as well in the forward thinking Institut für Zukunft. This year she also played at the Shotgun Festival in Czech Republic and the Samurai Horo Night in the infamous Cross Club in Prague.


01. Arve Henriksen - Poverty And It´s Opposite

02. Flug (Official) - Getting Wiser

03. mikkel metal - Untitled (Substance Mix)

04. Synth Sense - Ectype

05. Concealed Identity - Kuniyoshi

06. Akkord - Monolith

07. Sam KDC - Symbol 8.1

08. Theme# - Theme 3

09. Oneohtrix Point Never - Blue Drive

10. Shaded Explorer - High Above Water

11. Kowton - A Bluish Shadow

12. Voices From The Lake - Meyku

13. Akuratyde - Lights In My Eyes

14. Drummers Of The Societe Absolumenent Guinin - Zepol

15. Es.tereo & Hatti Vatti - Kolours

16. LXC - Eleven Eleven

Stream + Download via Soundcloud

Download via Dropbox

Stream via Mixcloud


Follow Kali Avaaz on Facebook

Follow Kali Avaaz on Soundcloud


Trilo in Dublin

Posted on December 8, 2016 at 8:30 PM

Due to circumstances out of our control, we regret to announce, Teddy Killerz will no longer be playing in Dublin on the 9th of December as planned. We do not currently have a confirmed date from them, so we have booked an amazing artist for this date, so Trilo is flying over representing Renegade Hardware. Guys from SCM wrote few words about this at their website, see the link - scm.ie/9th-december-trilo

Those who are following Springfield Crew Massive for a long time might remember that this time of the year is JuLa Springfieldcrewmassive's birthday time, so let's celebrate his 35th in big way. He will be playing his b2b set with our good friend Ero Drummer.


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