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Interview with Hidden Element

Posted on November 23, 2016 at 4:00 PM

Hi, guys. Your album entitled „Together” has been forthcoming for some time now. How long did it take you to finish the album? What was the hardest part about it?

Hi. Yeah, it took us around three years to make “Together”, and the musical part of the album was finished at the end of 2015, but we have been also very busy with our live band - The Erised, with an album released on Med School Music this summer. So Hidden Element’s album was ‘frozen’ for some time, and now, finally, this work will be released, so we think that time was the hardest part about releasing it.

Are there any particular tracks on the album that you are really proud of? If you could pick your favourite one, what would it be?

As we said, this album contains tunes that we have recorded in the last three years, and “The Night”, “Without You”, “Across The Universe” are much older than “Quiet Place”, “Zago”, or “The Next Day”; the last one is Igor’s favorite tune from the album. The main thing we’re proud of when thinking about “Together” is the people involved in this project, from collaborators and vocalists, such as Sunchase, Detail, Physical Illusion, Kiyomi, John, to guest live musicians who recorded some parts for us in the studio, and our video-photo director Vadim Uvazhny, who helps us with videos and artwork. Btw, this artwork contains a secret, some hidden element, haha.

Do you listen to music similar to yours? Any producers you tend to follow?

For us, it’s really hard to explain the genre or the sound of Hidden Element because we love lots of different music ranging from jungle or techno to jazz and rock. Of course, we do have some favourite artists, and at the moment it’s perhaps Thundercat, Seekae, Gold Panda, Bon Iver, Mark Pritchard, Anohni, Hudson Mohawke, Norma Jean, and if we’re talking about more d’n’b-oriented artists, this would be Synkro, Alix Perez, Nic TVG, B-Key, Alaska, Fracture, Mako; also, Dom & Roland released an absolutely massive album on Metalheadz a month ago.

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Your music is really emotive and moving. What is your source of inspiration?

Inspiration is around us – streets, nature, cinemas, music, people, places. Sometimes some tough events in life can inspire you to make some noise on your laptop. Sometimes you don’t need any inspiration, only one thing you need – leave your comfort zone, right here, right now; if you just do something, then inspiration will come.

Producing or playing live? Which of the two do you enjoy more?

Both, but these are very different things. The time we spend in studio is very interesting but sometimes you get really bored when you try to make a sound you hear in your head. It’s about perfectionism, but it’s only one way to success. We love live performances because you can see people’s reaction to your music, and this is the main thing why we do this. Apart from live performances where we play our music only, which has different tempos – from 120 to 170, we sometimes play DJ sets too, and it’s more fun to play music you just like, from different artists; our sets are more dancefloor-oriented, featuring lots of d’n’b/jungle stuff.

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What are you working on at the moment? Any projects in the pipeline you can talk about?

As Hidden Element, we’re now working on a drum and bass EP with our close friend – Physical Illusion. Igor is also working hard with The Erised; this project has a huge potential, and all of us – including our Hospital fam – believe in its success.

Last question. Your band name is quite catchy and memorable. What’s the story and the idea behind it?

Hehe, thanks! We think that most of big things in our life work through little details, hidden elements that form invisible masses, but have the biggest significance for global processes. Hidden Element music contains lots of little invisible bits and we hope that Hidden Element as a band becomes another important detail on the global music scene. This is the main idea behind our band name.

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