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Kontext - Dispersal

EUR 8.99

Including digital download via Bandcamp and free stickers


Maybe this is a mirage, an illusion? Maybe we are on another planet, or maybe we are in the spaceship going to another planet? Maybe we are all insane? Possibilities, an infinite number of possibilities. "We are in the darkness; nameless things with no memory - no knowledge of what went before, no understanding of what is now, no knowledge of what will be." this can easily describe what Absys Limited sublabel is offering us with Kontext studio album. " Dispersal ".

  T R A C K L I S T

01.   Nameless Things With No Memory
02.   Addicted To Disaster
03.   Time Travel In His Sleep
04.   Strangelet
05.   Refracted Man
06.  Worldbridger
07.   Sneaking Sculpture
08.   Garlic Bubblegum
09.   Moon Whispers
10.   Primordial Soup

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