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Dj Mix by Sho Absys recorded on Jungle Noir 4 at InQbator Club


BreakBeat FLavR's with Sho Absys on Phever Radio 


Luups Show 05 from Dublin Digital Radio with Sho Absys


ArchiwizAkcja - 2008 Promo Mix by Sho Absys


Absys Records Digital Podcast by Fresk


Live At Kompas Audio by Sho Absys


Phuture Beats Show Bassdrive by Sho Absys


Absys Records Podcast Mix 11 by Kali Avaaz


Kompas Audio Selection Process 4 by Sho Absys


Absys Records Podcast Mix 10 by Mortem & Harland


Atmoteka 2.9 by Sho Absys


Kompas Audio Launch mixed by Sho Absys


Diffusion One - Asylum City 2009 mixed by Sho Absys


Absys Records Podcast Mix 9 by Gremlinz


Tobie Sobie Miastu Mix by Sho Absys


Spectrum Show at Rte Radio Pulse with Sho Absys


Absys Records Podcast Mix 8 by INI


Absys Records Podcast Mix 7 by Es.tereo


Deep Foc.us Exclusive Mix 2 by Sho Absys


Atmospheric Chamber Show on Bassdrive with Sho Absys


Deep Dubstep Mix vol 2 by Sho Absys


Deep Dubstep Mix vol 1 by Sho Absys


Listen Your Tour Promo Mix by Sho Absys


Absys Records Showcase Mix from May 2011 by Sho & Domel for dnbinfo.ru



# Greetings. Tell us a little about You ...
- Hi! Were Sho and Domel from Absys Records. We founded the project commonly referred as "the label", but we often focus on different variations of art and music. Were both from Poland but currently reside in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. We first met in 2003 at a birthday party in Olsztyn and ended up mixing music all night. Shortly afterward, we started creating what would eventually become Absys.

# Tell us, how have you gotten familiar with Drum and Bass ?
- Both of our early experiences were quite similar. Before even knowing each other, we participated in underground events in 2002 like Szusz (Northern Poland), where the music presented was by the Polish Jungle and DnB elite. Fascinated with thier energy and style, we both purchased our first turntables and records at the same time. We both have been fans of drum and bass for quite some time before we met.
# When did you get the idea of creating a label? Why did you name it "Absys" ?
- We got the idea in 2007 in Dublin, but we officially started the project in August of 2008 when we released our first CD, "Behind the Corner". The name "Absys" had already been used occasionally. One day, we started calling the label exactly that. After Googling the web, we found out that the word Absys had a separate meaning, which is "declarative programming language". Coincidentally, that was the direction we were looking for.
# Who makes a stuff of your label ?
- It's really hard name all the artists at once because each Absys department has a as separate structure, its own history, a different schedule, and different producers (Absys FREE, Absys DIGITAL, Absys RELEASES, Absys ART) . In the last two years, we've had the opportunity to work with such figures as Joe Syntax, Getz & Nuage, LM1, Dissident, Polar, Antibreak, Diagram, Unquote, and Method One. More recently Sam KDC, B Cloud, Future Engineers, Flame, Naibu, Marginal and many other artists contributed to Absys. We also put much of our attention to Polish musicians who are really increaing their presence throughout Europe, as well as the greater dnb scene throughout the world. Some of these artists include: Radicall & Lady Katee, Logarithmia, Mortem, Razor Point, Sonic Saturation,Reza and Think.. We're very thankful to LXC, Macc, Feebee and Yak. Absys has looked and sounded better because of them. We are very happy that so many people support us. Thank you all sincerely!
# As far as I know, your label has free releases. Why free ?
- We wanted to show a different perspective and show that not everything has to have a monetary dimension. We were very moved by anyone who got from a copy of our first CD, "Behind the Corner" and asked us after thier first listen, "Seriously these CD'S are available for free?". It's hard to forget something like that. I haven't heard about labels who gave occasional first releases for free (including all stock). To us, this was a great idea to attract listener's attention and it has been an excellent type of promotion.
# What plans for the future ? Tell about the nearest releases ...
- Over the next few weeks we will release the debut Getz & Nuage album - "Anywhere Here". This will be our first project in cooperation with the Dutch distribution company, Triple Vision. In May and June, we're going to publish the next EPs from the Absys Digital series. In late autumn we should be ready for the main release of this year, "Mystical Deep Vol 2". In 2012, we hope to focus more on singles, but intend to also release two LP's. One is going to be a compilation and another will be an album. We are also planning a larger project to develop other parties of our label such as Absys CLINIC. If you would like to stay in touch, please feel free to follow us on our website and facebook.
# Will we see more vinyl releases on your label ?
- Yes, there will definitely be two editions of a 12-inch later this year. First one is the aforementioned project "Mystical Deep Vol 2" and there will also be an additional single. We have several more releases scheduled in 2012. We are also reconstructing our distribution panel as well, and that always takes time. We ask our fans to please be a little patient!
# Name the strongest names in DNB scene.
- It's really difficult for us to quickly call out the strongest names in the DnB scene. In each phase of Drum and Bass, other producers and artists had a significant impact on the current style of the time. It is not often that those who have done a lot for the good of the sound are still doing it. However, there are a lot of artists who have a direct and real impact on the current sound of Drum and Bass today. Some of these artists include Seba, Blu Mar Ten, Electrosoul System, ASC, Instramental, Paradox, D Bridge, Fracture & Neptune, Bop and the list goes on! Big respect for all who listen, create, organize events, purchase music, and release records. They are people who really make the whole society, which we now call "the stage".
# Thanks for the conversation ! Is there anyone you would like to thank ?
- A big Thank You goes out to everyone who supports, downloads, listens, and purchases our music. We are also very thankful for all the positive words and messages we get every day. I hope that in the future, we'll meet your expectations and show that Absys does not get tired quickly.

Ash Medschool, LM1, Antibreak, Method One, Getz & Nuage, Lady Katee, Mindaura Photography, Parel, SL1

Absys Records Showcase Mix from August 2010 by Sho & Domel


Absys Records Podcast Mix 6 by Noire


Absys Records Podcast Mix 5 by Getz & Nuage


Absys Records Podcast Mix 4 by Lm1


Absys Records Podcast Mix 3 by Sho Absys


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